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Graphic Design

With years of experience in the field - We bring a unique and creative approach to any design task given. Creativity for us is infinite. We never stop creating. We enormously enjoy what we do. Below are a few examples of our works

Our Dream

Jelliweb, A Fourways based Website & Graphic Design Company, work extremely hard to create your artwork not only to your specification and requirements but also to your Company's blueprint. The best way we do that is with a full extensive brief , background research and lots of tea!

Our Strategy

Jelliweb's goal is to merge business and creative objects in a meaningful way that moves beyond just an aesthetic exercise. To integrate our design process and thinking into the larger business goals of our clients.

The Creative Process

Hours Spent
Colors Used
Rough Logos Created
Papers Trashed
Cups of Tea

5 Steps for designing a logo

Design Brief

Gather all the correct information about the business from your client and find out who their target market is.


Find out as much as you can about the industry your client is in. Analyze their competitors and find out what their industry trends are.

Build the Design Concepts

Encapsulate the diverse and complex nature of your clients business into a small and simple design, suitable for use in a multitude of different platforms.

Feedback and Review

Step back from your work, take a break, and look at it later on in the day for a different perspective.


Present your beautifully creative work in a profesional manner. In my experience, keeping the amount of logo options to a minimum works better.

Top 3 Tips for Graphic Design

There’s a few tips that are worth keeping in mind when creating your own graphic designs. The tips will have you creating great looking graphics in no time at all. Let’s dive straight in!


Use Contrasts Step 1

Using contrast in your design will help it stand out. Make sure you use contrasting colors, particularly when choosing your background color and the color of any fonts or graphics you use in your design.


Choose your font paletteStep 2

You’ll need to pick a font for your title or headings, your subtitle and your body text.
Pick a font that stands out for your heading, but choose simpler subtitle and body fonts that are easy to read.


Keep it simpleStep 3

It can be easy to get carried away with so many great images, graphics and fonts to choose from. Make sure you have a reason to use every design element, and keep the number of fonts, colors, shapes and frames to a minimum.